17 October, 2022

Progressive integration of green hydrogen in cogeneration units (CHP)

Capwatt and Wärtsilä signed an agreement, in the form of a letter of intent, to develop joint efforts for the progressive integration of green hydrogen in cogeneration units (CHP), currently powered by natural gas.
This agreement is another important advance to contribute to the decarbonization of the industry, in an axis related to one of its most relevant needs: thermal energy.

Capwatt has a portfolio of around 160 MW of installed power in cogeneration facilities that can benefit from this development and Wärtsilä is a supplier with consolidated experience and technological knowledge in this field, that intends to support the energy transition of its customers with customized solutions.

Under this agreement, a study will be carried out at the 7.4MWe Capwatt CHP plant, located in Maia (Portugal), to validate the necessary modifications, in terms of the mixture of green hydrogen and natural gas, to maintain the high efficiency of CHP systems.